🔥 Summer Specials!【Under 30】&【Student Limited】Plans! 🔥⁠

📸: Andres Garcia on Unsplash

🔥【Under 30】&【Student Limited】Special Plans! 🔥⁠

Starting August 8th, we’ve got some hot new summer deals - especially for our guests who are students, or under 30 years old!⁠

Girls' Night celebrations, gatherings with old friends, a special date night out - make some unforgettable summer memories with a visit to THE LIVELY AZABUJUBAN TOKYO!⁠ 🌞⁠

①【Under 30】Under 30 years old = 30%OFF! ⁠

Super Savings with a 9:00AM Check Out! Room Only Plan⁠

Enjoy a whopping 30% off of our regular room rates with this special deal! 💥⁠

②【Student Limited】Summer Vacation Super Savings ★ ⁠

30% OFF + FREE Olive Young Face Mask Included! Room Only Plan⁠

Look forward to getting your skincare on with a face mask and our free rental facial steamers! 💆🏻⁠

③【Under 30 PREMIUM】King Room Summer Memories Special! ⁠

Instax Film Present ★ Room Only Plan⁠

Our 240cm wide King-sized bed can comfortably sleep up to 3 adults! Make your summer picture perfect by documenting your memories in film! 📸✨⁠

For more details and to make reservations, please visit our official website!⁠