Journey Through the Beat.





The way we value a hotel experience has been drastically 

changing throughout the years.


More than just a place to sleep, people are now looking for a place to work, a place to socialize, a place to enjoy a nice meal or drink with friends, a place where the World can connect with Locals... A place that represents themselves.


The Lively redefines the word "Hotel" and strives to cultivate environments that facilitate human interaction and creativity, no matter what the cultural background or language. A place where travelers from all around the world can simply gather and exchange. By combining our strong knowledge of the concepts of both "Staying" and "Interacting", we strive to create a new social way of experiencing a hotel.

Street Art

Inspired and 


Inspired by urban underground sub-cultures, the concept of the hotel is made to unleash creativity while blending with technology.


By mixing Street Art and High-tech, guests will be presented with an experience never had before. Whether it's a professional DJ playing on stage, or specially engineered BGM that flows throughout the hotel, music represents a big part of the experience and will transport guests through a unique beat of life.